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Big Shoal: Church, Cemetery, Community 

April 10 - August 24, 2019
The story of the Big Shoal Baptist Church and Cemetery dates back to late 1820 and still continues today. This exhibition includes new information recently discovered and rare artifacts on loan and on display for the first time ever at the Atkins-Johnson Farm & Museum. The Big Shoal Baptist Church was more than just a church, it was a community center, meeting house, social focus and anchor of the early pioneer community that settled this area long before it was Gladstone. The church and its traditions had wide-reaching influence and even national recognition for over 100 years. This special exhibition tells that story. From 1827-1933 Big Shoal Baptist Church was extremely well attended until its eventual decline and demolition in 1948.  After the church’s closure and dismantling, the road to the site’s preservation and recognition was another 80-year process, which was led by neighbors, historic organizations and finally realized by the City of Gladstone. 
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