Atkins-Johnson Farm & Museum

This is a place where you can explore the history of our community, ask questions, and connect with the past in your own way. Discover the house that grew out of a single-room log cabin and learn from the exhibits inside. Enjoy the beautiful acres of preserved farmland, take the trail to the historic Big Shoal Cemetery and look for wildlife along the way. Explore what's growing as you visit the heirloom garden, apple orchard, or pumpkin patch. Once home to many people from 1831-2004, the farm stands as a wonderful reminder that the past can still be present and will always have stories to share.

Mapping Missouri September 30 - December 12, 2015

This exhibit features more than 100 maps from the Archives' collection, some of which have never been shown before. Drawing from such diverse examples as the land survey maps made by Antoine Soulard in St. Louis from 1796-1806, to the computer generated Lewis and Clark maps created by Jim Harlan and the University of Missouri's Geographic Resources Center in 2002, this exhibit explores the history of cartography in Missouri and the role maps have played in our everyday lives. On display for a limited time only at the Atkins-Johnson Farm and Museum. For more information about this and other exhibits contact ajfm@gladstone.mo.us.